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Barbushco Fettuccini

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No ordinary Meusli, it's Palms.

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Every product we offer has a story, how they came to be, where they are from and why they were created, by whom and where. It's a story worth reading and something worth trying. They are delicious.

“Eating healthy food fills your body with energy and nutrients. Imagine your cells smiling back at you and saying: “Thank you!”.” – Karen Salmansohn

Tweed Valley Basil Pesto

We are blessed in Australia, to have available, when in season, some of the best fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and seafood, in our shops. In addition, we have a host of talented producers, chefs, bakers and small business, that enhance these fresh products, with their own creations, some of which, we are pleased to stock. How these came about, are great stories of dreams that grew into fact, how hard work and imagination, created marvellous products for us to enjoy.

Lamb & Carrot Curry with Lime Pickle & Mango Chutney

One of lifes great pleasures is cooking for family, or friends and have them say, "That was delicious." Cooking is a skill, it can be made easier using the right ingredients and fresh produce, some of which we hold in stock here.

“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.” – Bethenny Frankel

Tweed Balsamic Vinegar

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Josh & Sue Salted Caramel Sauce

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Born from a love of sourdough and a limited supply in the local region, Kieren and Lara Weber set out to make their own. Starting with building their own wood fired oven and studying the art of sourdough, Kieren and Lara use traditional methods and only the best organic ingredients.

Kieran & Lara Weber

Kieran and Lara




Barbushco History and Product Background

Barbushco is a family owned business located in the beautiful Lorne valley approximately 40km south-west of Port Macquarie. Originally a beef cattle farm, Bruce and Barbara Barlin looked for diversification alternatives in the 1990’s when the prices for beef cattle were very low. We considered a lot of alternatives, the initial outlay for most was very expensive, and the time before any returns was quite considerable.

About that time there were some seminars being held up and down the coast to attract growers to the Bush Food Industry. We did some homework, and decided that we would give it a go, and now have over 26,000 Australian Native trees of several varieties planted. On our farm, we grow Lemon Myrtle, Aniseed Myrtle, Lemon Scented Tea Tree, Davidson Plums, Riberries and Brush Cherries. These particular varieties were selected because they are found naturally in our local area, and because there had already been research done into the markets available for the end products.

So now we are bush food growers. Ask most people what they think are bush foods and you get a pretty standard answer – Kangaroo & Witjuti Grubs? But these are only the sensationalised side of bush foods. We prefer to talk about our products as Australian Native Flavours. These are foods and flavours that can be used in our existing diets and food habits.



Each one of our blends is carefully hand crafted for you in the beautiful Northern Rivers, NSW.

Being 5th generation farmers, we believe in a deep connection between what we eat and who we are. We only use the best quality and all natural ingredients to create outstanding flavours for you, blended to perfection.
Real food doesn't have ingredients, real food is ingredients.

We appreciate our environment. Our goal is to have a minimal impact, so wherever possible we use recycled, reused or biodegradable materials. Our labels for example are printed on 100% recycled paper with vegetable based ink.

We love the farming lifestyle and the kids love helping out with the many day to day activities of busy farm life, especially helping Dad on the tractor - pulling weeds...not so much.

With the average menagerie of cows, sheep, horses, ducks, , dog and a cat, this keeps everyone busy and happy as they free range. Our multiple farms throughout QLD & NSW's supply a large percentage of the Australian avocado market, plus we also farm macadamia nuts, lychees, watermelons, pumpkins, sugar cane and have our own nursery to grow our trees from seed.

We live by 'paddock to plate' and where possible 'seed to plate'. The demand for more quality Australian products that offer real flavour whilst being free from MSG,  Gluten, GMO, Sulphites, Additives, Fillers and Preservatives has become so high that we couldn't help but share our own home used range with everyone.

We hope you love our products as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

Xx Nathan, Julia, Eve & Sam